You can work with OneHimachal this coming April

Well, before we talk about how you can work with us in the upcoming month, we will first like to tell you briefly about us.

OneHimachal is meant to support and mobilize creators and also promote businesses which are based in Himachal Pradesh.

Now, keeping our aim and what we stand for in mind, we are planning to take a small step. The step is simply to get closer to the creative community and the businesses that we can work with, learn from, and support in return.
We have chosen Dharamshala(Most Probably) for obvious reasons of it being one the largest and most lively cities in Himachal. We have a lot of known creators who hail from or around Dharamshala and lastly, there are many scenic places and creative outlets to be a part of.

You can work with OneHimachal this coming April

Now, if you are from Dharamshala, then you can meet us anytime during the course of your stay and work closely with us. But if you are not from Dharamshala, then we will like you to move to Dharamshala for that course of time if you can. We ourselves are going to moving to this town and it is somewhat of a new step which we are not fully sure how it will turn out. So, please let us know for sure if you can be available physically there to hang out, travel, create, and just simply coffee/tea at a cool cafe 😉

If you are Photographer or a Filmmaker, we will like to travel with you to a lot of cool places and create original content and later share that on Onehimachal and our other mediums. We will also like to leverage your skills on any commercial opportunities that we get and you will get a fair piece in it.

You can work with OneHimachal coming April

If you are a sketch artist/painter/illustrator/graphic designer, then we will love to create some artwork be it in a digital format or something which can have a physical application. Again, we will provide you with exposure and also pay you for any commercial opportunities we have be it in-house or from some client.

You can work with OneHimachal this coming April

For now, we have just thought about these genres of creators and artists but that does not mean we cannot work with you. Please feel free to tell us about yourself and what we can do together and we will start in no time.

Feel free to DM us and tell us about any idea that you want us to tag alongside you.

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