6 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Well Done Music Festival

Well Done Music Festival is first Music Festival of its kind to take place in Himachal Pradesh. As the name goes, the main motive behind organizing this festival is to celebrate and share the achievements and progress made in the field of music by Himachali artists. Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Well Done Music Festival

1. The festival will be the first of its kind in Himachal.

Well Done Music Festival is going to take place at Mandi is a bold initiative by Zenas Productions which is based out of Mandi. Mandi town is a perfect spot for such an event as it lies at a perfect distance from major towns of Himachal like Manali, Kullu, Shimla and Solan. The festival will be a grand party where crowd will get to enjoy and experience a world of different music genres coming together at the very same venue. It has been never done before in Himachal and so don’t miss this opportunity 😉

Well Done Music Festival

2. The festival aims to boost and uplift the Music scene in Himachal Pradesh.

Well Done Music will feature some renowned name from EDM Music industry in India. But the festival will also focus on the regional artists, whether they are a DJ, Band or a solo artist. Local artists will get to present their art in front of a huge audience and on a grand stage.

Well Done Music Festival

3. The artist lineup in the festival is mind blowing.

From Top Female DJ’s to multiple Rock, Indiepop bands which will account to 40+ artists in total. Aren’t you excited?😋🤘

Well Done Music Festival

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4. There is a facility for VIP Pass which will offer a private lounge setting. So, you can get the most chill and enjoyable experience.


5. It will be a 2 days of full action, entertainment and fun packed event.

The festival will be held for 2 days i.e. 5th-6th of November. You will be bombarded with awesome music, enthusiastic crowd and plethora of fun.

Well Done Music Festival

6. Tickets for the festival are also available on Discounts(It’s now or never😛)

There are heavy discounts for couples and groups. There are even cheaper tickets available if you want to spend few hours at the event and so it will be a Paisa Vasool Festival.

Well Done Music Festival

Contact us on 9418034602 to get passes for the festival or for any query related to the festival. You can also mail us at welldonemusicfest@gmail.com

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We look forward to meet you at the Festival 🤘❤️

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