Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh

Life is like a gift and it depends upon us how we live it. Like a dialogue from some Shah Rukh Khan‘s movie goes, “We only live once, we also die once and we only love once“. Well, I am not sure about the love thing but we certainly can travel more than once. It is the best thing to do as you get to experience new places, cultures, cuisines, climatic and weather conditions and feeling of endless joy. All the problems in life seem so small when we travel to a place we love. If you visit Himachal Pradesh, there are so many places for people of different age groups and one can decide and can experience a particular part of it accordingly. But travelling must not be taken lightly and the idea should not be restricted to just reach the destination. One must be prepared well to face any possible circumstances whether good or bad, during that trip. So today we bring, “Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh

1. Get your tour documents ready and sorted.

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh
These are the most important part of the tour besides the fun and excitement. If you are traveling in your own vehicle, you must have the license, insurance papers, vehicle and environment related papers,etc., ready to be inquired at any given point during the journey. If you are traveling via some rented vehicle then same applies to your vehicle owner or the driver, if you have hired one. Point is you must go through every aspect of fact checking in terms of the what are documents that will be required while travelling to Himachal Pradesh.
NOTE: Please drive within the preferred speed limit and don’t overtake from the wrong side.

2. Check the weather conditions prior to your visit.

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh
Weather is something on which we really don’t have any control. Himachal Pradesh usually experiences a pleasant weather year around but there are exceptions too. There are some places which experience snowfall for 8 months in a year and they remain cut-off from the rest of the world. Some of the most spectacular places in Himachal are the ones which receive snowfall such as Manali, Shimla, Lahaul & Spiti, Kinnaur, Kasol, Tosh, Malana and various trekking circuits statewide. So it is obvious that you will like to visit these places as to have fun and try adventurous activities that these places offer. But you must check the weather conditions before going out and talk to locals as they are expert on these things and will guide you properly. No need to risk your life and of others with you by not preparing for such situations well in advance.
Last year few students lost their lives by going astray in high mountains as they had no experience of trekking and knew nothing about how to survive in such situations.
NOTE: Please don’t consider going swimming in the rivers as with the change in weather, water level rise quickly and you won’t get much time to escape.

3. Do carry all your necessary ID proofs

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh
If you are coming from abroad then you must carry your Passport everywhere. If you are an Indian citizen then you must have your Aadhar card along with your driving license in case you wish to rent a vehicle. These documents are necessary and will be required from time to time. Do keep them properly as it is very easy to misplace such valuable things and therefore take care of them like you will of your girl. 😉

4. Keep a list of all emergency numbers

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh
It is of utmost importance to have a list of emergency numbers written somewhere be it on your cellphone or a diary. We will suggest you to definitely write it on a diary as you cannot depend on a mobile phone as it can go off or stop working during emergency or tough times. So having a diary will at least will help you out and you can make a call through a STD/PCO or someone else’s cellphone when yours not working.

Here is the list of few such emergency numbers:

1. Police Control Room(All over India): 100
2. All India Railway Helpline number: 1512
3. Women Helpline(All over India): 181
4. Ambulance Helpline(All over India): 102

5. Follow and understand the road signs properly

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh
We must follow the instructions carefully and must know the meaning of most signs be it on road or some public place. It is very smart to have a chart of such signs especially when you are in a place where you haven’t been before.
While travelling to Himachal Pradesh, the road signs are the most important as it is a hilly state and you must know where to stop, when to make turn, advised speed limit, etc,. We added some pictures containing signs of various types which will help you out in every possible scenario and so look closely and even mind saving them.
Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh
Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh

6. Check the reviews for the place where you are going to stay

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh
By that we simply mean to go through the reviews of visitors who stayed in any hotel, guest house or homestay, you are planning to accommodate in. This will help you to find a place which is decent, clean, safe, hygienic and also within your budget. It is easy to book hotels online and so the overhead of figuring out if the place is up to the mark or not is comparatively sophisticated. But if you are visiting some remote place and you can’t book any accommodation online, we will suggest you to contact local tourist guides or someone who is in tourism industry, as they have multiple links and ways to do that for you.

7. Carry personal medication

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh

You must have a first aid box as it could be of immediate use if anything unfortunate happens during your trip. It will keep you in a better condition before getting a proper treatment in a hospital. Do consider consulting a doctor before visiting Himachal, as there are places where you will find it difficult to breathe due to lesser amount of oxygen in the air on higher altitudes. We are mainly referring to the popular trekking spots and it is better to come prepared well in advance. At last we want to list down few Must Carry things when it comes to visiting Himachal Pradesh:

1. Heavy woolen clothing & socks.

2. Good rubber-soled shoes.

3. Personal medication.

4. Camera with sufficient batteries, films and memory card.

5. ID proofs.

We are just trying to prepare you well before you visit as there is no point in being unaware of basic travelling must do’s n dont’s. Apart from that it is one of the safest places in India and also one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. You will feel like you have visited heaven and trust me you won’t wish to leave this place once you arrive here. There is so much to do here and doesn’t matter if you are travelling solo or with your friends or family; this places has a lot to offer for everyone. Though the pictures had nothing to do with the context but we just wanted to make you feel that this place is a must visit and little bit of effort that you will put for your own safety is to prepare for any misshaping by any chance. So, see you around then. 😉

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  1. Your tips are very beneficial for first time visitors. You have provided details related to this area is very helpful like river swimming, signs, Id proof, phone number, weather and clothes.

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