Things to learn and share on this World Environment Day

Happy “World Environment Day” to all the living beings on the planet which we call as Mother Earth. This day is celebrated as World Environment Day across the globe.

What is an Environment?
Environment – The world around us,the life of all the living organisms around us comprises environment. All living beings are gifted with the beautiful environment by the almighty. We ‘Humans’ are responsible for its preservation and betterment to sustain life. But unfortunately we are affecting it adversely rather than preserving it.

Some issues to be taken care off :-

1) Pollution (all kinds of).

2) Growing Population.

3) Global Warming.

4) Deforestation.

5) Industrialization.

6) Polluting Water bodies and thus killing many aquatic animals, which is a main issue.

7) Imbalance in food cycle.

Some efforts to be put in action by us all :-

1) Go GREEN ! Plant as much as you can.

2) Stop exploiting the wildlife, forests and the water bodies.

3) Treat garbage according to its type and dump and decompose in the same fashion.

4) Reduce use of plastic as much as possible as they non-degradable.

5) Stop littering all around !

6) Avoid Honking every time. Don’t use vehicles for short distance and walk instead. It will not pollute the environment and keep you healthy as well.

7) Have conversation and share solutions on protecting the glaciers, rivers, forests as human survival is totally dependent upon them.

8) Fuel up your appliances by the electricity produced through renewable sources of energy like sun, wind, ocean,etc.

9) Stop wasting food and feed it to poor or some animal instead of throwing it away.

We ‘Humans’ as a community have to put our effort in preserving our invaluable Environment. A little effort sometimes leads to a big change.

So guys treat the world around you as your home and keep it clean and safe in the same way. Also, it is your responsibility to educate your people around you irrespective of their age.


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