The not so isolated MALANA | Facts, Taboos, Customs & Lifestyle..

What was the first thing that came to mind when you read the tittle, apart from the famous MCream? The scenic beauty of course.

The not so isolated MALANA


As we all know this antique and remote place is located in between the two most beautiful valleys Parvati and Kullu shadowed by Chanderkhani and Deotibba peaks. This widespread piece of land alongside the river Malana is in the public eye for wrong reasons so far. The fame of the cream made this little hamlet an international brand for weed lovers. The intensely fragrant cream with around 32% THC and high oil content won best weed tittle twice.

Malana is a beautiful village and a strain of cannabis is not the only thing we should promote about the oldest republic of our country.

The not so isolated MALANA


Cannabis Indica, the plant which is the used for making the well-known Malana cream, is also used for making basket, ropes, and slippers by the villagers. Maize and potatoes are also cultivated for economical purposes, but drug tourism is still a major source of income.

The not so isolated MALANA


There are other things which most of us are not aware of, for example people claim to be the descendants of “Alexander the great” and also believe in the ancient Greek system to maintain law and order in the village. A fine is to be paid to the village council if someone invites police in the village because police intervention is a big no as per the customs. The conflicts are solved by the approach of Jamlu devta. A parliament consists of Kanishthang and Jayeshthang houses are to be concerned for legal advice.

The not so isolated MALANA


There are a lot of taboos when it comes to the villagers; one of them is that they don’t prefer getting in any physical contact with the outsiders as they believe in the fact they are superior. Outsiders are also not allowed to touch the buildings especially the temples.

Another one is their use of their native language Kanashi which is believed to be the combination of Sanskrit and Tibetan dialects. Kanashi is an ancient language used during the Indo-Aryan times which is only understood by the villagers.

The scenic beauty of the plateau adds up to the glory. What Marijuana does to stoners, the intangible heritage of the Kath-Kuni style architecture does same to the antiquarians. The Jamlu temple and Rukmini temple are built in the same style.

The not so isolated MALANA


The trek towards the village is a rocky affair. The vastness of Parvati valley makes sure that it is not easy to reach out. After a point, the non-existent path towards malana sends a chill down your spine making you remember your god’s name, but the majestic existence of Parvati valley helps you cope up with fear. The mountains looks more alluring while you walk on the steep and mesmerizing trek towards the beautiful land. The picturesque scenery of Malana is to die for.

The not so isolated MALANA

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Apart from all interesting things about Malana there is one more thing that brought the village closer to the rest of the world. This Malana Hydro Power Station project is said to provide the region good revenue in the upcoming years. A great step towards making the economic conditions of the region better and equally disappointing because this project has ruined the beauty of the valley in some capacity.

The not so isolated MALANA

Malana Hydroelectric Power Project

Malana Hydro Power Station commissioned in 2001 helps meet the power shortages in the region at some 15 MW. The new roads constructed along with the dam shortened the distance, but the cost nature paid for the needs of mankind is beyond any measure.

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