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Spiti is calling and we must go and therefore let us begin with Chandrataal

Chandra Taal lake is situated on the Samudra Tapu plateau, which overlooks the Chandra River. The name of the lake originates from its crescent shape. It is situated at an altitude of about 4,300 metres (14,100 ft) in the Himalayas. Chandra Taal is a tourist destination for trekkers and campers. The lake is accessible on foot from Batal as well as from Kunzum Pass from late May to early October(Source: Wikipedia).   Well, the trip is going to cover 3 main destinations namely, Manali, Kunzum La and finally Chandrataal Lake. We will be enjoying not just the company of cool travellers but also of incredible valleys, heart-beat raising passes and majestic mountains. Below are the details on the tour itinerary for the trip. Tour Itinerary *Trip Starts from – 25th July(Dates will be Flexible as per the batch formations)* Day – 1 :  Arrival at The Lost Tribe Hostels(TLT) Explore…

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Lost Tribe Hostel

Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and people from all corners of the world visit it all year around. Earlier people who were very well equipped in terms of money and connections used to be the ones to travel more often. People from middle class and economically backward backgrounds saw travelling as a luxury. They had to save in advance for months in order to go on a holiday and also spend wisely while they are on the holiday. But as the time has changed,tourism industry has revolutionized and has undergone a massive change and that too in a positive ways. Now people irrespective of which background they come from, are willing to go out and travel without much worrying about how they will manage the expenditures. On an average, if you visit Manali and you plan to book a room, it will cost you…

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