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Shimla has a history with Britishers and there are many signs and symbols present of that past till date. Many houses, commercial buildings, theater, roads,etc from that era are still exists. One of such structures is the Christ Church located at the Ridge. Not only it is one of the most famous landmarks of Shimla but of Himachal Pradesh overall. It was built for the British settlers who moved to Shimla in 18th Century and were willing to have a place to worship every once in a while. We don’t think there is anyone who has been to Shimla and never paid a visit to the Church or hasn’t taken a photograph along with it. So let’s dive deep into this topic and learn “10 facts about Christ Church: Most iconic landmark in Shimla“. It was designed by Colonel J.T. Boileau in 9th September,1844 and was built in the year…

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