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Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in honour of the Lord Shiva. It signifies the end of darkness and ignorance from the world. It is celebrated with joy and processions are carried out. When it comes to Himachal Pradesh no other place can beat the scale of celebration like it is done in Mandi town during their world famous Shivratri Festival. The fair runs for 7 days and has been given the status of an International fair due to the massive amount of fame the fair has gained in past few years. It is said that almost 200 deities assemble during the grand celebration where the center of attraction are the protector diety of Mandi “Mado Rai”(Lord Vishnu ) and Lord Shiva of the Bhootnath Temple in Mandi. There is a reason why Shivratri is celebrated in such a grand way in Mandi and you can read about it…

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