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The Himachali music industry went through a radical change in recent years. Many new artists rose to fame and gave their contribution in their own way to change the scene of music. One of such artists is Lalit Singh, who has become a household name in Himachal Pradesh in just a few months. He rose to fame with a song called “Dhattu” whose video went viral. The video was produced by RCH Films and today we will make you the meet the team which is behind the scenes of all these great videos. What is RCH Films? “RCH” stands for “Real & Creative Himachal“. It is a team consisting of  Deepak Roach, Arun Roach, Arun Sood, Varun Sood, Rohit Chauhan, Hitesh Mehta, Manoj Rajput, Sujata Sharma and Ricky Rajpoot. How did they came into existence? After completing his secondary education in the non-medical stream, Deepak was confused about whether to go…

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