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Lost Tribe Hostel

The Lost Tribe Hostels is organizing an Art Festival from 25th-27th May in Manali at their property located at Jagatsukh in Manali. It is an effort to bring together various budding artists belonging to different places and different artistic inclinations to join them to learn, teach, share, connect and create miraculous artwork during these three days full of action-packed and productive activities. It is one of its kind fest which is an effort to strengthen the Artist community and introducing individual creators to each other which is necessary to support and motivate this community. So let’s talk about the itinerary of the fest which goes like this: Three days agenda: DAY 1: 25th May 2018 Friday – Everyone will reach the Location by 10:00 am. Post breakfast, we will begin with activities for everyone to get introduced to other participants. For pair collaboration activity, you will get to collaborate with other artists…

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Paul Klee, a Swiss-German artist, once said, “The painter should not paint what he sees, but what will be seen“. I totally agree but the case is little different here as the painter or I must say an artist is not a “he” but is a “she“. She is a girl from Pune and her artworks have started making rounds. I believe sooner or later, she will be a renowned name if she kept doing the awesome work and reinventing her style side by side. So, I got a chance to talk to her and I thought it will be awesome to know about her work and then share it with you all. So lets “Meet Aishwarya Langade: an artist who creates magic with some colors and a paint brush”     So tell us something about you and what you do? I am Aishwarya Langade and I am an aspiring artist, an…

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