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Himachal Pradesh is a multicultural as well as multilingual state like many other Indian states. Some of the most commonly spoken languages are Hindi and Pahari. Pahari is a language spoken by more than ten million people spreading from Nepal through Himachal Pradesh , Poonch, Rajouri, and Uri of the J&K state, Pakistan administered Kashmir, through out in the North Pakistan ,up to the river Indus and Chitral, is one of most ancient languages spoken in central and south Asia. But today we will only share “7 facts about Himachali Pahari that every Himachali must know” 1. The Pahari language is divided into three forms. These are Northern Pahari, Eastern Pahari and Western Pahari. Western Pahari is also called Himachali Pahari and many languages comes under this form. 2.  Dogri, one of the Himachali Pahari languages, is recognized as one of the  national languages of India in the Indian constitution. It has 5 million…

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