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  Yesterday PM Narendra Modi met U.S. President Donald Trump. He received a very warm greetings by the President and the first lady Melania Trump. In return, PM Modi gave a very auspicious gift to the first lady.The gifts that he offered were all from Himachal Pradesh except a shawl, which was from Kashmir. He gifted a traditional handicrafted Himachali silver bangle, famous tea and honey from Kangra valley. He even presented a hand-woven shawl from Himachal Pradesh. Image Source Kangra Tea: Tea cultivation was introduced into Kangra valley about 1850. Palampur and nearby area are known all over the world for its beautiful tea plantations. It is very healthy and has good level of anti-oxidants. Image Source Image Source Image Source HIMACHALI SHAWLS :- These hand woven traditional shawls are popular since ancient times. Shawls plays an important role in a Himachali people lifestyle as the climate is very…

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