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As you all know that Himachal Pradesh is well known for its natural beauty, rich culture and tourism ; Besides this, the Youth of Himachal Pradesh is quite unique too. They are respectful, fashionable, helpful, nature lover and very friendly. Now let us tell you 10 interesting things about youngsters of Himachal Pradesh which makes them unique. 1. Travelling : With no qualms, traveling is what the Pahadis do best. Whether it is a trip to Malana-Kasol or a plan to visit Goa, they travel more often. When it comes to trekking to some Pass or a religious place, they will visit the same place 100 times but will never get bored of it. 2. Style or Fashion : Pahadis don’t always follow trends, their styles is quite often self made. Moreover they have their own walking-talking styles and can be distinguished easily because of their unique personality. 3. Nati Lovers : No matter…

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