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It is a common tendency of people to form a stereotype of a place, person, thing,etc, on the basis of what they see, hear and perceive. So today we are going to discuss something similar and these are the “8 Misconceptions Non-Himachalis have about Himachal Pradesh“: 8. We  too feel cold It is a common phrase that you get to hear from your friends while visiting some cold place. So while they are feeling frozen in that type of weather,  they expect you to be fine because “You Are From Himachal!“ . That is very logically illogical thought. It is like believing a fact that a person who once lived in a desert is always thirsty to be true. (I think you got my point :p) 7. We speak Pahadi and not Himachali. It is sometimes obvious to think that the language which is spoken in a particular region has its…

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