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The Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh is situated in the Western Himalayas between 31°2 to 32°5 N and 75° to 77°45 E. In 1966, Kangra districts was added to Himachal Pradesh which was an Union Territory at that time. The district has a geographical area of 5,739 km. which constitutes 10.31% of the geographical area of the State. Kangra has a sex ratio of 1013 females for every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 86.49%. The native people are the Kangri people and the native language is Kangri, which is very similar to Punjabi. The traditional dress for men was the kurta, pyjamas, and a woolen jacket used in winter. Women generally wear the salwar kameez and with the salwar Kameez girls and women take chuenni (“Chaddru” in local language.) FACTS ABOUT KANGRA DISTRICT THAT YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOW: 1. Most populous District with 1,510,075 residents. 2. Katoch dynasty of Kangra is known…

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