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White Apples? When was the last time you thought about Himachal and did not, instantaneously, think about the hills. You just cannot un-forget those beautiful mountains, snow, weather, just anything. Talking about Himachal, one cannot just for-see the capital Shimla. And then if we talk about Shimla, of course one cannot just forget about apples. But as true as a fact can be, it will be a matter of surprise for you guys to know that apples are not native of Himachal. In fact, not even India!😯 Pre 1945 era Yes, this fruit was nowhere to be seen if you were to stand up on hill and squeeze your eyes as hard as you could if you lived in 1900s. Just as cricket, apple is one thing we Indians owe to the “firangs”. Yes, you heard it right. Yes, you read it right. Or to be more accurate and specific…

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