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Himachal Pradesh is one of the few hilly/mountainous states in the Indian Union. Having a population close to 7 million spread across various terrains & geographies, it is necessary to have a proper transport infrastructure to distribute resources everywhere & ability to travel to those places. Buses are one of the most prominent modes of transport for people in Himachal Pradesh. Now both Public and private buses are reaching the remotest corner and they are one of the biggest factors to drive the economy of these places. So, today we will talk about the State-owned HRTC: Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation & here are 10 Facts about HRTC: Lifeline of Himachal Pradesh 1. The slogan of HRTC is safe service, courteous service. 2. The corporation was jointly founded by the Government of Punjab, Government of Himachal Pradesh and Railways in 1958 as Mandi-Kullu Road Transport Corporation. 3. On 2nd November 1974, the corporation was fully…

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