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ArtFest Mountains’18, a highly anticipated festival which took place in The Lost Tribe Hostels at Manali, turned out be very successful and productive for the artists who took out the time to become a part of this collaborative initiative between “The Lost Tribe Hostels ” & “Platform For Artists”.  The festival took place for 3 days from 25th-27th May and was attended by 38 artists from different parts of the country and various artistic inclinations. Purpose: The whole purpose of the festival was to promote local culture and tourism through art by collaborating with various talents from all over India under the leadership of talents like Ritu Arya, Disha Deshpande and Meet Rao. Let’s talk about what all happened in those 3 days: DAY 1: First day started off with all the artists introducing themselves followed by an “Artist Pair-up” game, where two artists wh0 come from different art forms…

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