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 Himachal Pradesh is called Devbhoomi which means “Land of God“. There are numerous temples and sacred places in this beautiful little heaven. Each village has their own deities whom they worship and they are considered in every crucial happenings. We will take you on a journey where we will talk about the popular and historically important religious places of Himachal Pradesh one by one. This time we will be talking about “PaudiWala: the second ladder to Heaven built by Ravana“. Mythological Significance: It is believed that once Lord Shiva bestowed Ravana the wish to become immortal due to his immense austerity on just one condition if he could make 5 ladders to Heaven (स्वर्ग की सीढ़ी) in a single day. So he started from the ‘Har Ki Pauri‘ at Haridwar which became the first ladder.  Then he made this second ladder which is now known as ‘PaudiWala‘. The 3rd ladder was at  ‘Chureshwar Mahadev‘ or…

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