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Google just released a video for its all new phone, Google pixel 2. The video features Rahul Dravid, Anmol Dagar, Shreyas Iyer & Shardul Thakur and has been shot at Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj and the areas lying nearby. There are many beautiful shots taken from heights( possibly through drones), shots of beautiful roads and shots which are showing locals of Dharamshala. The video start at the very HPCA Cricket Ground located at Dharamshala where the game starts with Rahul Dravid losing his car keys. After that they go for lunch at a nearby restaurant called McClo restaurant. They took an auto rikshaw but were unable to find the exact location of the restaurant. Anmol Dagar, who plays for Himachal Pradesh goes out of the auto rickshaw to ask someone about the location of that restaurant but Rahul Dravid being smart used his Google pixel 2 to ask the location of…

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Google India uploaded a video regarding google app where people can search anything and get the best results instantly. We all have smartphones and so this is not a new thing for us. Whenever we feel like searching anything, wanting to know the Hindi(or native) equivalent of any word, learn something, etc, all we do is google it. So Google India just uploaded this video where this Pahadi man is standing in a queue for filling his plate with the food items present in front of him. But he is facing a problem in doing so as all the dishes are being named in English and are also covered from above and therefore he couldn’t figure out what that is. So, boy standing behind him notices all that and so he helps him by first googling the Hindi equivalent of that dish and then telling him so that too indirectly…

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