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1.  Her real name is Pooja Jain and she is 23 years old. Image Source 2. She lives in Delhi but was born in UP. Image Source 3. She has more 188,569 subscribers and more than 35 million views on her Youtube channel  till date. Image Source 4. For your surprise, her educational qualifications is M.A Arts in English. Image Source 5. Her favorite musicians are Jeniffer Lopez, Rihanna and Bruno Mars. So you see, this is where she gets all the inspiration from 😀 Image Source 6. Recently a youtube channel name, “Kathappa Singh“, claimed copyright on her videos and after reviewing the claim, youtube decided to delete her videos. SAD NEWS FOR THE FANS 🙁 Image Source 7. Someone created a fake event called “Dhinchak Pooja Live Performance” and 2000 people registered for this and were even willing to pay upto Rs7500. Image Source Bonus Info: If you…

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We have often heard of this phrase which says “Laughter is the best medicine”. It implies that a person who is happy is also healthy. People try so many things to stay healthy like going to gym, practicing Yoga and meditation, eat well and a lot of other things. A common factor among all these activities is that they require time, patience and effort to be effective. Whereas laughter involves none of these factors and is easy to laugh out loud. But we don’t want you to laugh at anything just to stay healthy as it will make you look fanatic and you will draw unnecessary attention😂. So today we will talk about “4 most entertaining pages of Himachal that you need to follow today” to give you a reason to laugh and stay healthy 😉 1. Pahadiye Always Rocks In spite of being a new page, it is one…

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