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The western tragopan or western horned tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus) is a medium-sized brightly plumed pheasant found along the Himalayas from north-eastern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan in the west to Uttarakhand within India to the east. They are known as “Jujurana” in Himachal Pradesh. So today we will share “10 facts about Jujurana: our state bird which is an endangered species“ 1) Our State animal Jujurana means “King of birds“. It was accorded the status of state bird of Himachal Pradesh in 2007. 2) The other name of the bird is western tragopan and is considered the rarest of all living pheasants. 3) The world population of Jujurana is estimated at fewer than 5,000 individuals, including a captive breeding population in Himachal Pradesh which numbered fewer than ten pairs in 2012. 4) CITES (the convention on International trade in endangered species of wild flora & fauna)has listed this species in Appendix I in order to discourage selling of its feathers. Representing the endemic bird…

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COMMON NAME: Snow Leopard SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera uncia TYPE: Mammals Snow leopard or “Barfani Cheetah” or “Him Tendua” is one of the beautiful cats in the world and known for its beautiful fur and mysterious behavior worldwide. These cats are basically adapted to the cold, arid, barren landscape of the high altitude areas. Snow leopard is a nomadic kind of animal who change their location from time to time and loves to travel alone. PHYSICAL FEATURES  SIZE: 4 to 5 ft; tail, 36-40 inches LENGTH– 90-115 cm (36-44 inches) WEIGHT: 60 to 120 lbs These cats are naturally built perfectly according to their habitat i.e. Alpine regions, and their physical features includes: (1) Extra large paws which keep the leopard sinking into the snow and work like a pair of natural snow shoes for the cat. (2) Snow leopard has round, short ears  which reduce heat loss, and the wide, short nasal cavity that…

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