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The gurus treated by everyone with deference – Lamas or the modern day “Monks” are often considered as the people practicing esoteric traditions, but in reality they are the enlightening source to understand one’s conduct in conformity. They promulgate the level of spiritual attainment with reference to the teachings of Buddha. The custom started by a Shunyi prince who declared the first spiritual leader for lamas from Ming Dynasty inherited by 13 more and the present day leader is Tenzin Gyatso (1940) or Dalai Lama. After the death of the predecessor, a Shrine dedicated to the prophets is consulted for the whereabouts of the successor. The heir is then trained under a strict regimen by his de facto parents. The training includes meditation and chanting mostly. Apart from that there are 227 strict percepts of conduct they need to follow and a quotidian of walking barefoot around to gather the…

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