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KamruNag is one of the best destinations in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh . The place is less highlighted on National level but is an ideal place to trek. Surprisingly, Kamrunag is not even listed well in the official tourism websites of Himachal Pradesh. There are multiple reasons to visit this place and so lets talk about “KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions“.  “It is advisable to visit KamruNag during summers for one’s own safety as it experiences heavy snowfall during winters. The KamruNag lake is completely frozen in winters and only experienced trekkers should risk hiking during this time of year.”  Mythological Significance: Mahabharata mentions Devta KamruNag as “Ratan Yaksh” and was the greatest warrior in the whole world. He was a self tought warrior and decided to fight along with the weaker side in the battle of Mahabharta. Lord Krishna was aware of the fact that it…

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