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What was the first thing that came to mind when you read the tittle, apart from the famous MCream? The scenic beauty of course. As we all know this antique and remote place is located in between the two most beautiful valleys Parvati and Kullu shadowed by Chanderkhani and Deotibba peaks. This widespread piece of land alongside the river Malana is in the public eye for wrong reasons so far. The fame of the cream made this little hamlet an international brand for weed lovers. The intensely fragrant cream with around 32% THC and high oil content won best weed tittle twice. Malana is a beautiful village and a strain of cannabis is not the only thing we should promote about the oldest republic of our country. Cannabis Indica, the plant which is the used for making the well-known Malana cream, is also used for making basket, ropes, and slippers…

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