‘Sound of the Mountains’


The Sound Of The Mountains, as we have named our product is inspired by the grazing cattle on the vast steeps and curves of DevBhoomi; Himachal.

The souvenir bell is the brainchild of the Himachali art label; @muscari_lane by Yamini Sharma which took shape during OneHimachal’s creative association with her.

@muscari_lane and us, both believe that there is an absence of products, inherently Himachali which connect the tourists to the essence of this land. The Kullu & Kinnauri Shawls as well as the Buddhist prayer flags are now decade-old products and though fused with modern elements of design are still seasonal and periodical. Clearly, the rate of innovation has slowed down a lot.

To bridge this gap that emotionally connects the visitors to our magnanimous mountains, we have tried to place this unique product.

This bell is locally designed, sourced, and assembled and is sure to remind you of gentle sounds from the herd of sheep & goats which travel with their Gaddi caretakers through the highest passes & plains in different seasons.

The colorful piece of textile called “Patti” acknowledges and adds richness to the product as it is made by the same cloth which is used to make the iconic Himachali shawls & Himachali Caps.

“The Sound Of The Mountains”; a token of love, our very own souvenir bell is proudly made in Himachal Pradesh. Hope you will take pride in owning one!

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