Snowtown Homestay: A must visit homestay in the lap of Himalayas

A homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors stay in a house or apartment of a local of the city or town to which they are traveling. Home stays are the type of accommodation that define the phrase “Home away from Home“. Homestays are examples of collaborative consumption and sharing.
Snowtown Homestay
There are many advantages of staying in a homestay like:
1.Savings on lodging costs.
2. Personal connections with people from a different culture and/or social class.
3. Local perspective and information about the town that is not easily found in guidebooks.
4. A deeper understanding of the everyday life of the locals.
If you are looking for similar experience in a very beautiful location with immense amount of natural luxury and at an affordable price, Snowtown Homestay is the answer. Snowtown Homestay was started on May 27, 2015.
Snowtown Homestay
Snowtown homestay is located in Sissu. Sissu is a beautiful village located on the right bank of Chandra river in Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh and is around 90 km from Manali. There is a campsite next to a waterfall and a lake which is called Goldrop.
Snowtown Homestay
One can stay here while traveling Ladakh and visit monasteries of the valley and do some short trek and cycling.
Snowtown Homestay
Snowtown homestay are a great value accommodation option for all types of travelers. Whether you’re on an adventure trip, weekend getaway, search for peace and isolation or out with your friends or with that special one, this homestay offer quality and value for money.

Snowtown Homestay

Meet the man behind Snowtown Homestay

Sachin Mirupa

Sachin Mirupa
The motive of Sachin to start Snowtown Homestay was to connect with the people worldwide and with it to explore the Himalayas and finally to become an Entrepreneur, who is very well at his craft and provides the guests with a peaceful and hospitable stay so that they start loving Himalayas and start connecting with the surroundings.

Snowtown Homestay

Along with it he wanted that the culture of the Himalayas should be explored and experienced in its realest. For it he started going among the old age people of the valley and started gathering information of Himalayan folks, customs and lifestyle, which helped him a lot in knowing what is yet unknown to the world outside.

Snowtown Homestay

The image below tells about the location of Sissu town and distance of various towns from Manali.

Snowtown Homestay

Here are the some details if you want to reach out to them:

Contact No. : 098168 66444
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