Pratyush Dhiman is back with a new single Mannmarziyan and it will give you feels

June 8, 2019 | Anirudh Thakur

Before we talk about his latest single, Mannmarziyan, let us get to know who is Pratyush Dhiman in brief.

musical brigade of Himachal Pradesh

Pratyush Dhiman, is a young Himachali singer hailing basically from Palampur town of Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh.

He released his first song titled “Na Jaane Kyun Tu” on Youtube on 27th Feb of this year and has grossed almost 36k views without any support from any label or feature by any big name. His next single, “Keh De” outperformed his previous single and has grossed 53k views on Youtube alone. He has even uploaded some beautiful covers which arguably sounds better than the originals too(at least we feel that).

However, his latest single is titled, “Manmarziaan” and was premiered yesterday on Oct, 4th at 7 pm. This song is from the genre of “Romantic songs” and as the description states clearly, “This love ballad has been produced and composed by Prats for the people who save their relationships from drifting apart“.

This is his 3rd single and suprisingly he is been topping up his performance, on-screen performance, vocals and musicality, with every new single. Seems like he wants to say that he is just warming up and the best is yet to come.

Click above to listen to his new song and decide for yourself is you like it or not.

The team behind the creation of Mannmarziyan consists of following people alongside their role:

Starring : Pratyush Dhiman, Anurag Pandit & Kritika Sharma
Singer: Pratyush Dhiman (Prats)
Written & Composed by: Pratyush Dhiman
Music: Prats
Mix and Mastered by : Prats
Video Shot by: The Perfect Shot Productions Story
Screenplay by: Ishant Chauhan
Special thanks to: The Circle Cafe, Chandigarh & Nitika Sharma
DOP : Michael Negi Co-DOP: Kuldeep
Promotions Crew Team: Highway to Himalayas (Paras Verma, Chirag Mittal and Abhishek Negi) Promotions Manager: Deepak Chauhan
Online Partners: OneHimachal & Sound Visionary

OneHimachal has been a constant online partner for Pratyush and we are proud to be associated with this young talent. He is a young Himachali artist and we feel it is our responsibility to lend our support in whatsoever way it is possible for us 🙂

So, we request all of you and especially Himachalis to come forward and support your young talented brothers and sisters. Share this article or just the youtube video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and leave a comment of appreciation which will mean a lot for this independent artist.

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