Pratyush Dhiman: a special talent among musical brigade of Himachal Pradesh

musical brigade of Himachal Pradesh
musical brigade of Himachal Pradesh

Pratyush Dhiman, is a young Himachali singer hailing basically from Palampur town of Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh.

He is just 19 and is so passionate about his craft at such a young age really shows how promising his future is.

He released his first song titled “Na Jaane Kyun Tu” on Youtube on 27th Feb of this year and has grossed almost 22k views without any support from any label or feature by any big name.

However, his latest single is titled, “Keh De” and was released on May, 3rd. This song is from the same genre of “Sad/real romantic songs” and will touch your heart.

musical brigade of Himachal Pradesh

His style of singing is very original and he uses visuals of his videos very smartly to showcase a story which goes perfectly with the lyrics of the song. Click below to listen to his song and decide for yourself is you like it or not.

His latest Single, “Keh De”, a song you will listen on repeat for sure.

We have been constantly supporting Pratyush since we got in touch with him and the reason is very simple. He is a young Himachali artist and he is a one man army. By that what we mean is that he himself writes, composes, records and produces his songs and the guy is freaking 19 years old.
Do we need to explain any further? We don’t think so 😉

So, we request all of you and especially Himachalis to come forward and support your young talented brothers and sisters. Your one view on their video, a single share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a comment of appreciation will mean a lot for this independent artist.

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