Onehimachal Editing Challenge is ON

OneHimachal is a way to promote, showcase, and redefine Himachal. It is also a community of creators who shoot amazing and breathtaking Photos, videos, art-work, comics, infographics, music, and poems. Every day we try to showcase many amateurs, professional, and master creators on our platform that is Onehimachal. We also try our best to push these creators by supporting them and also collaborating on various projects and competitions.

We receive several requests each day by several users to feature their work and we genuinely appreciate everyone taking out their time out to contact us but the reality is most of the pictures in spite of being good couldn’t make it to page. The reason is either not a great framing of the shot, average editing and even missing a storyline or a message.
So, we wanted to do something related to the EDITING part this time and for that reason, we have created #1Heditchallenge to motivate all of you to improve, test, and challenge your current editing style. Our main demographic is also people who like Photography and that’s why we came up with this challenge.

84% of you like Photography

In the #1Heditchallenge you will have to edit a raw picture that we will provide a link to at the end of this blog, in your own way, and post on your Instagram profile and use this hashtag in the caption. We will also share a tutorial on IGTV which you can refer to hone your skills. This tutorial is created by Navin Sinsinbar , who is a full-time professional photographer and filmmaker. He has worked on several commercial projects which have helped him to use his skills to bring recognition and means to earn a steady income.

In the tutorial, he will show his workflow on Lightroom Mobile App to edit the picture. Please note that it is a free app and you can use most of its features to edit your photos. In the tutorial, Navin used just the free features so that everyone can follow along. You can use any other app to edit this photo.


The workflow of the edit is shared on our Instagram account, OneHimachal as an IGTV video. In order to participate, all of you have to edit the raw image available HERE and edit in your way or by following the tutorial we shared on Instagram and then upload on your account and use the hashtag #1Heditchallenge

We will select the best photos and feature them on our profile. Best 3 pictures, which we will decide internally, will get presets from Navin which you can use on Lightroom app to edit your pictures in just 1 click. We will also give these top 3 winners a T-shirt each from our Merch The competition ends on 3rd May 2020.

So amaze us and inspire us with what you can do with your editing skills. Please note that the motive of this challenge is to help you improve your editing skills and we all are learning and so let us grow together.

Much Love <3

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