Muscari Lane, a Himachali brand that shares stories and creates artwork based on Hills #supportlocal

Muscari Lane is a brand that is dedicated to thoughtful & better living through everything ethical, natural, and sustainable.

Muscari Lane
Muscari Lane

It is a brainchild of a Himachali artist named, Yamini Sharma, who is based in Dharamshala. She is a professional printmaker, textile enthusiast, storyteller, and lifestyle writer. She has done her Masters in Fashion & Textile Art from Nottingham Trent University and she loves exploring cultures and diversity. We conducted a short interview with several creators and small businesses based in Himachal, in order to understand their business and the challenges they face, especially in this current lockdown phase. We also intend to share their story and bring some attention to the incredible work these individuals and businesses are doing, with our audience at Onehimachal. This initiative is being carried out by us in collaboration with TedX Dharamshala, who shared this wonderful idea with us.
Let us begin the interview with Muscari Lane:

Tell us about Muscari Lane, its inception, the process of making an art piece, and also the business side of your brand.

ML: The idea of a brand started during my freelance days. I was designing menu cards, brand identity designs, business cards, wedding cards, and posters for exciting small endeavors and like-minded people. All the creative work that I did lay under a very broad category which was hard to explain to people who wanted to know more. Hence it was sewn under a unified brand; Muscari Lane. Named after my favorite flower.

Muscari Lane
Source: @muscari_lane

Many of the design processes start from hand sketches. I am a textile designer & a printmaker hence the artwork is always hard-worked, detailed, and intricate. I found many clients who wanted to have a piece of art for homes and gifting. This particularly became the main focus of the brand with time as I found retailers who would sell Muscari Lane from their boutique art shops.

Muscari Lane is also a story blog where I put up short stories plucked from mountain life and garnished with a little imagination.

The stories are based in and around the hills of Himachal. Muscari Lane art hangs on several walls in the USA, UK, UAE, and many many more in my Himachal Pradesh and across India.

How lockdown has affected you?

ML: Just like many other creative businesses, Muscari Lane is shut for the time being. The focus of the clients at major has shifted to health and safety.

Muscari Lane

Meanwhile, I am rebooting and trying out different art techniques. I am trying to broaden my art form by incorporating different styles and techniques.

Our Thoughts

Muscari Lane
Source: @muscari_lane

We are really inspired to know about the journey and also the creative process of the talented Yamini Sharma, who is running her own brand, Muscari Lane. Such artists and talents are the real wealth of Himachal and supporting them be it via sharing their work or buying their artwork, is least we can do. So, we urge all of you readers to go follow Muscari Lane on Instagram and you can also check out her blogs and work on the official website

Thanks for reading. Much Love <3

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  1. Glad to see efforts being recognized at this level. This will definitely boost many to show case their skill. Great initiative it is.
    Yamini Sharma’s creative mind is commendable!!

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