Meet Rch Films: The team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima

The Himachali music industry went through a radical change in recent years. Many new artists rose to fame and gave their contribution in their own way to change the scene of music. One of such artists is Lalit Singh, who has become a household name in Himachal Pradesh in just a few months. He rose to fame with a song called “Dhattu” whose video went viral. The video was produced by RCH Films and today we will make you the meet the team which is behind the scenes of all these great videos.

What is RCH Films?

team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima

RCH” stands for “Real & Creative Himachal“. It is a team consisting of  Deepak Roach, Arun Roach, Arun Sood, Varun Sood, Rohit Chauhan, Hitesh Mehta, Manoj Rajput, Sujata Sharma and Ricky Rajpoot.

How did they came into existence?

team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima
After completing his secondary education in the non-medical stream, Deepak was confused about whether to go for an engineering college which was the supposedly choice for him or to pursue his passion which was writing and storytelling. After 3 months of self-encouragement and courage, he finally told his parents that he wanted to pursue animation. In spite of being unaware of what it was, they supported him and sent him to Chandigarh. There he met all other guys who believed in him and they resonated with his vision and this is how RCH Films came into existence as we know them today.

Vision of RCH films

Their main motive is to improve their craft by collaborating with an energetic and enthusiastic youth of Himachal. Storytelling has always been their strength and they will keep pushing themselves in this direction.

Their message for the Youth of Himachal

team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima
RCH Films believes that there are enough talent and creativity within the youth of Himachal and they can really achieve what they believe in. It is not necessary that you must have the huge amount of money to invest before you start anything. They started out by recording their first video on Nokia 3310 and after 2 years of hard work they have been able to arrange best of equipment and cameras to work with. So all you have to do is start small, build a team, set some realistic goals and focus more on the story that you want to share than anything else. If people can relate to your craft then there is nothing that can stop you from getting successful.

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Their Latest Project

team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima
Zaalima is the third track of the album the Pahari project. It is a romantic song based on triangular love story. So, after the success of “Dhattu” which has almost 125k views on Youtube till date, they decided to make the video for highly anticipated “Zaalima” by Lalit Singh. Even though they were filled with confidence after the success of “Dhattu” and knew they can repeat the same for “Zaalima” but they had to face some challenges which they never faced before. So, it was a fresh start one more time. The audio video of Zaalima already became a success on Youtube and now they had the responsibility to live up to the expectations of everyone. Another challenge occurred during the casting of lead actress for the video where most of the girls who came for auditions were not matching the character written in the script.

team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima

Sujata Sharma, who is a creative director at RCH Films, was also part of the audition process and while auditioning some girl she showed what they are looking for the lead actress. The performance she delivered over there took everyone by surprise and finally it was decided that Sujata will play the role and rest is history.

team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima
Lalit Singh, who originally composed the song also played the role of the lead actor. He once again delivered a stunning and mesmerizing performance.

I loved the song and the video but I want to know what do you think about it and so lets watch their video here:

You can watch their previous hit “Dhattu” here:

So we made you “Meet Rch Films: The team behind hits like Dhattu and Zaalima“. If you like this article then share it with your friends. DO subscribe to their channel. 😉




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