Meet Aishwarya Langade: an artist who creates magic with some colors and a paint brush

Paul Klee, a Swiss-German artist, once said, “The painter should not paint what he sees, but what will be seen“. I totally agree but the case is little different here as the painter or I must say an artist is not a “he” but is a “she“. She is a girl from Pune and her artworks have started making rounds. I believe sooner or later, she will be a renowned name if she kept doing the awesome work and reinventing her style side by side. So, I got a chance to talk to her and I thought it will be awesome to know about her work and then share it with you all. So lets “Meet Aishwarya Langade: an artist who creates magic with some colors and a paint brush”    

So tell us something about you and what you do?

Aishwarya Langade

I am Aishwarya Langade and I am an aspiring artist, an illustrator, a designer and I am doing a course of applied arts from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay, Pune.

How did this all started and what inspired you?
Aishwarya Langade


Drawing is something I was fond of since childhood. I was always praised for my drawings but it was always a secondary thing for me. Education always came first in my life and I had to keep moving to cities for the same.

My foremost inspiration was my father as he is himself is really good in art apart from treating people as a doctor. My brother was good in it too so that was also motivational for me. I was always good in designing and detailing and that was my first passion.
Aishwarya Langade

It was 2014 when I was selected for an architecture course in IIT and during its preparation, I got a chance to be with applied arts students and I found it really interesting. By that time I was unaware of any kind of basic drawing exams (elementary intermediate). That was the time I first thought of taking art as a career. It wasn’t much difficult for me to convince my parents but the real challenge that I faced was finding my own style of art, using the right colors, materials, and textures. I had to work a lot on that and coming from Satara, I had no knowledge of art but I didn’t give up and I taught myself through making mistakes.

What type of art works do you make and what is the persona of your customers?
Aishwarya Langade

Right now I am focusing more on youth audience as I am mostly making famous characters celebrities and sports person. Along with that, I am targeting people who require designing and crafting but my art is not limited to them. If you ask me about my end audience I want to target as much audience as I can around the world making every kind of art as per their taste. I believe that’s how I am going to acquire the versatility in my art.

What does this type of artistic work adds up to your life?
Aishwarya Langade

Opting for this course was a turning point in my life and the satisfaction of making something as you visualise it, is immeasurable.

These paintings and decorations can be a great option when it comes to gift somebody on some special occasion. But they are not limited to some particular occasions and one can have them for their own sake and these will only add up to the beauty of your house and will look like an exclusive show piece or accessory.

Aishwarya Langade

So, I believe that you enjoyed knowing about this young and talented artist, who creates some wonderful piece of art with the help of some colors and paint brushes. You can contact her by messaging her on her Facebook page and Instagram account. Do follow her on social media and do spread the word about her work among your circle. 

Facebook Page:  wh.ART.ever
Instagram:  wh_art_ever

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  1. It’s awesome 😍 I love your paintings so much 👌👌, it’s not just a painting it’s a feeling and respect which comes from the core of our hearts .👍😘

  2. Aishwarya! Ua paintings are heartly mind blowing!! U know most important ua paintings are nt just painting it is full of feeling and emotions!! 😘

  3. She’s dedicated to her work and is a woman of principles. Passion is stark in her work. Since i have had the good fortune of being acquainted with her,i can vouch for the fact that she’s a wonderful and down to earth human as well. Good luck for future endeavours.

  4. Always been her biggest fan. I knew it from the very first moment when I met her tht she is up for something big.

  5. Aishwarya you are the best artist and my favourite your paintings​ are brilliant I just love e’m all 😍

  6. Aishwarya ur paintings are just woww…specially portraits made by you,they are perfect nd beautifull as u are♥

  7. Wow, Aishwarya your paintings are just amazing….You are doing too good.I wish you all the best for your bright future…

  8. Wow ash u r painting are just awaome..and u r also big human being peraon…. God bless u… Dear ..fabulous art dear…..

  9. Dear sis, i always knew u r an amazing artist n this article proves me right in so many ways.. proud of you… n lots of best wishes

  10. There are a million things to say about you but all I can say is you are doing an amazing job and you’re an inspiration to all of us.. best of luck for your future achievements and we all love you.

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