KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions

KamruNag is one of the best destinations in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh . The place is less highlighted on National level but is an ideal place to trek. Surprisingly, Kamrunag is not even listed well in the official tourism websites of Himachal Pradesh. There are multiple reasons to visit this place and so lets talk about “KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions“. 

KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions

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“It is advisable to visit KamruNag during summers for one’s own safety as it experiences heavy snowfall during winters. The KamruNag lake is completely frozen in winters and only experienced trekkers should risk hiking during this time of year.” 

Mythological Significance:

Mahabharata mentions Devta KamruNag as “Ratan Yaksh” and was the greatest warrior in the whole world. He was a self tought warrior and decided to fight along with the weaker side in the battle of Mahabharta. Lord Krishna was aware of the fact that it is unable to defeat him in a war and they need to find some other way so that he won’t come in there way. So Krishna made a bet with him which he lost.

KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions

He was asked to separate his head from his body as a result of losing the bet. Before submitting to Krishna’s will he made a request that he wants to see the war of Mahabharata to which Krishna agreed. He took his head high up in the mountains. Krishna noticed that which soever side KamruNag turned his head, that side was winning in the initial battles. So he fixed his head using a stone and faced it towards Pandavas. Bheem then dig a lake with his palm so that he won’t suffer due to shortage of water.

KamruNag Today:

Devotees from the places near and far mark their presence in the temple premises in large numbers for several reasons. KamruNag Dev is also known as “the lord of Rain” and therefore people also visit to pray for favorable weather conditions year around. A fair is held at this place on 14th of June every year for 2-3 days.

KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions

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For centuries people have been offering the jewelries made of gold and diamonds, coins, notes, etc. so that their wishes come true. You can actually see some of these floating on the surface of water and if you look closely then you can see things present in the bottom of the lake. Nobody knows the actual worth of the treasure present in this pond and it is worth billions supposedly. No one dares to steal anything fearing what Devta Kamrunag might bring upon the defaulter. 

KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions


Things you will see on the way to KamruNag:

On the way to KamruNag there is a place where you will see a footprint present on a rock and is believed to be of Bheem.

KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions

Griffith’s Cobra Lily

Griffith’s Cobra Lily, a special type of Cobra Lily, will be seen on the way.


It is said that no aerial vehicle can fly over this temple and 2 planes who did the same crashed soon after they flew over the roof.

KamruNag: A paradise with a treasure worth billions

How to Reach KamruNag:

To reach KamruNag one has to first reach Rohanda village which is 60 km from Mandi, from where the trek of 8 km begins. It is an intermediate and for some an easy level trek and can take 2-5 hrs depending upon your pace. 

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