Join and Support the Cleanliness drive from Koksar to Keylong

Cleanliness drive from Koksar to Keylong

Swach Bharat” , “Swach Himalaya” , “Harit Himalaya” !!
The above line suggests “Clean & Green Himalayas” which is a good step towards “Swach Bharat” which is a dream of every Indian out there and is waiting for the day when our India will be dirt free and also a least polluted country in the world.

The people of Lahaul- Spiti has the same feeling towards environment and that’s why they are starting a cleanliness drive from a place called ‘Koksar’ to District Headquarter ‘Keylong’ . We are happy and honored to be a part of such a noble initiative.

Their Swach Campaign also  includes plantation of trees which is another wonderful step towards the Green Revolution and ‘Harit’ Himalaya which means ‘Green Himalaya’.

As we all know in today’s scenario the hills are being exploited with wastes like plastics all over the places like in forests and in water bodies which is itself very shameful for everyone.

It’s a humble request to everyone that stop littering around , keep your plastic wrappers in your pockets and take care of your waste and trash them to place where they can be decomposed. Do take care of water bodies as they are being highly polluted nowadays. Also another request is to Go GREEN and plant as many plants as you can. Do take part in HPGA Lahaul-Spiti Cleanliness Drive which is on July 22nd that is tomorrow and do support them in their Greenly Initiative towards ‘Mother Nature’ as their motto says:



Next cleanliness drive will take place on 22 Aug, 2017, as so if in any way you missed out on drive taking place tomorrow,  you can be a part of the next one. It is the responsibility of each one of us to conserve, preserve and protect the environment. So don’t think twice before joining this movement and help us in making it a success.

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