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This is Himalayas which literally the abode of snow. It is the last frontier king of all mountains. Here species have thrived and gone extinct, civilizations came and then destroyed, but mountains they have seen it all. The idea of travel should not just involve moving from one place to another. So let’s talk about “5 Places you must not miss on a trip to Kullu-Manali“. 1.Bijli mahadev temple Bijli mahadev temple is one of the oldest temple of Kullu valley dedicated to lord Shiva. Situated at a height of more than 7000ft. above mean sea level. Temple got its name because every year a lightning bolt struck the wooden pole outside temple and then completely shattering shivling in the temple. The shivling is rebuilt by using ghee, butter and flour situated at a distance of 15km from Kullu town. The place is easily accessible by car and bus. Then it’s a…

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Himachal Pradesh is famous worldwide for its snow clad peaks, swiftly flowing rivers which are lifeline to the country’s economy to a large extent, beautiful fertile valleys, rich cultural heritage of religion and history which dates back to medieval times and lastly for it being one of the most progressive state in terms of education, environment conservation and wildlife protection. But not many people know about the beautiful spectacular waterfalls that are located in different parts of this small state which are worth visiting and they make a great option for a weekend getaway. Some of these waterfalls are seasonal and are at their prime during monsoons and the others stay the same year around. Some of these you might have heard of but some are still yet to be brought into limelight. OneHimachal is all about bringing the unknown or less explored in front of the whole world. So let’s…

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