Anurag Vashisht: “Tum Na Rahi” fame is all set to launch a new album

Anurag Vashisht Tum Na Rahi
Anurag Vashisht’, is a young talented artist from Choti Kashi i.e. Mandi town of Himachal Pradesh. Most of you know him from his hit track “Tum na rahi“, which has more than 116k views on Youtube till date ands 1ook+ mp3 download. After the success of his debut single, he started working on his debut album which took almost an year to complete. Now he is all set to release the album and videos for the songs will be launched in within short intervals from one another. The teaser of the track is out and it will be followed by the actual video of the cover for the hit song titled “Me fir bhi tumko chahunga“. It looks promising and is featuring a female artist called “Charu Kashyap“, who is both talented and beautiful.

Anurag Vashisht Tum Na Rahi

Charu Kashyap

Let us talk more about Anurag, his beginnings and most importantly his latest album.

As mentioned earlier, he was born and brought up in the land of Gods, ‘Mandi, Himachal Pradesh’.

It was his desire right from the very beginning to become a singer. This desire suffered a major blow when he couldn’t score well in 9th & 10th standard. So instead of learning music and getting better at his craft along with secondary education in Mandi, he was sent to Him Academy Public School in Hamirpur. The school is only famous for its outstanding results and so he had to shift his focus for a while.

Anurag Vashisht Tum Na Rahi

Even after being in such a studious environment he did not literally gave up his passion and continued practicing and entertain his fellow mates and seniors through his music. He started getting appreciation and recognition for his talent and it kept the fire lit in him.

Anurag Vashisht Tum Na Rahi

But everything wasn’t a piece of cake and he made multiple blunders before becoming a stable and systematic artist. He once went to Delhi with good amount of money to build a career for himself and start his own recording label. He took the money from his parents and friends and it all went in vain when things didn’t turn out the way he wanted. Even after all this, he again started establishing himself as an artist through performing in live shows and at cultural fests. But then the management company took advantage of him and didn’t treat him the way an artist must be.

Anurag Vashisht Tum Na Rahi

But you know, a person who believes in what he/she does and can go to a level of madness to get it done, can not be easily broken. Something similar happened in the case of Anurag. In 2016, he co-founded ‘Zenas Productions’ along with the founder ‘Shaan Gupta’ and launched his first single ‘Tum Na Rahi’ which has more than 1, 00,000+ mp3 downloads. Watch it here

Anurag Vashisht Tum Na Rahi

 Present Album:

Video for the “Phir bhi tumko Chahunga” cover will be uploaded on 11th June and teaser was released on 1st June and it is mentioned below. The teaser is actually behind the scenes and is more of a funny gig which they play while recording and shooting this song. Do Subscribe to his channel as lot of things will be put up over there that you don’t want to miss.

Videos for few other songs are already being shot one after the other and will be released on a regular interval. Fans have so much to look forward in the coming months. The details about the tracks and artists part of it is given below.


1. Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Cover : Duet Anurag Vashisht/Charu Kashyap

2. Piya : Duet (Charu Kashyap & Anurag Vashisht).

3. Talaash: Single Anurag Vashisht

4. Dagabaaz-E-Dil : Duet (Anurag Vashisht & Charu Kashyap)

5. Pahari Gang: Lalit Singh/Nitesh Nick/ Anurag Vashisht

Anurag Vashisht Tum Na Rahi

Pahari Gang will be a collaboration between “Anurag Vashisht“, Dhatu fame “Lalit Singh” and Pahadi Trap fame “Nitesh A.K.A Nick“.

It is going to be one of its kind collaboration among these young talented Himachali artists. It is one of the most awaited song of the year for the youth in Himachal. 

We are very happy to be a part of this whole project and we look forward to promote and support his initiative and vision with all enthusiasm and passion. OneHimachal will keep you updated regarding his latest launches and any update.

If you enjoyed reading about Anurag and really love his music then do support him by sharing this article among your friends and do spread the word about the release of the video of  “Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga” on 11th June.

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