These 5 reasons make Himachal a must visit place for once in a lifetime

As truly said by Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” This statement totally makes sense when you think about life as an opportunity to travel as much as possible to corners of the world and know and learn about various aspects of life, cultures, society, nature,etc. So today we will tell you about “These 5 reasons make Himachal a must visit place for once in a lifetime”.

1. To fall in love with Nature

If you are tired of seeing and living in the same concrete jungle for a long time then it is time for you to change the view. God has gifted Himachal with splendid amount of wealth and beauty of nature. You can witness ravishing mighty Himalayan ranges, roaring fierce rivers, beautiful waterfalls, hot springs, plenty of lakes and mysterious deep forests within this small wonderland.

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

Neel Kanth Mahadev

2. To experience an Adrenaline Rush

If you are an adventure junkie then Himachal has a lot to offer for you. You can go on various treks which falls under easy, intermediate and expert levels and so choose accordingly. 😉

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place


You can go for River rafting, Skiing, Snowboarding(very few people know about it), Paragliding, Mountaineering, Trekking,etc. There is a reason why Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports is based in Manali.

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

Bir Billing

Paragliding has become such a popular sport in Himachal Pradesh that it hosted the World Cup last year and was a huge success. There are few other places which are also going to have same boom of Paragliding like Bir Billing which are namely Kandaghat in Solan and Sher Jagas in Sirmour. It is said that the take off and landing site are same for Sher jagas site and this type of spot is rare and very suitable for paragliding.

If you love to try adventurous sport but not like to travel for it then we have an option for you at our Capital Shimla. Shimla has the largest ice skating rink in India. It is also the only natural ice skating rink of India and you can have fun and experience an adreline rush will learning and performing stunts.

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

Skating Rink,Shimla in 1905

The cheapest and one of the most thrilling adventurous experience you can have in Himachal is by travelling in HRTC buses which goes on one of the toughest roads on the planet. (“When everybody shocks, HRTC rocks!“) 😀

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

HRTC Bus at Taranda Dhank

While this article is making you excited about different adventurous stuff that you can try in Himachal, we want you to be fully aware of the facts that these things are no joke and so be fully informed and ready to learn and deal with pros and cons. Nature is unpredictable and so you must come with preparation so that if by any chance things go wrong you are ready to deal with it. Best way to stay informed is to carry a local guide with you. Rest you will have the best time of your life.

3. To witness a Spiritual enlightenment

Himachal Pradesh is known as “DevBhumi” which means “Land of God”. There are enormous number of temples all over the state where there is a crowd of huge followers all round the year. There are also the considerable number of monasteries, mosques, and gurudwaras within the state for people of different faiths to practice and get in touch with the almighty.

3 out of 5 Kailash(Abode of Lord Shiva) are located in the state which are Kinner Kailash in Kinnaur, Shri Khand Mahadev in Kullu and Shree Manimahesh in Chamba.

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

Mani Mahesh

If you are interested in knowing and getting spiritual knowledge about any specific faith then state has a lot to offer.

For Budhism:

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai Lama and the most important figure in Buddhist world Tenzin Gyatso lives in Mcleodganj in Dharamshala. There are many important and sacred monasteries located within the state which have huge significance in the Buddhist community namely Kee Monastery, Tabo Monastery(oldest one in India), Dhankar Monastery,etc. So you can head over to these places and seek for more knowledge and wisdom.

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

Kee Monastery in Spiti

For Sikhism:

There are many Gurudwaras in the state and each one of them have there own significance. One of such Gurudwaras is the one at Manikaran and is called Shree Manikaran Sahib which is located on the banks of roaring Parvati River. The place is sacred to both Hindus and Sikhs. There is a hot spring too which is considered very sacred.

4. To get High

“Everybody gets High sometimes you know, what else can we do when we feeling low”. These are the lines from Justin Beiber’s popular song “Cold Water“. People can get high in multiple ways and when it comes to Himachal options are more exotic. You can get high on the amount of natural beauty state has, you can get high on the simplicity and welcoming nature of people over here and finally you can get high on some world class hashish if you are into something like this.

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place
The Malana Cream is one of the most expensive and liked weed in Amsterdam. People from all parts of the world visit Himachal primarily for this thing and there is a reason why Kasol is called “Mini Israel” and Dharamkot is known as “Mini Televiv”.

5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place

Dharamkot in 1980


5 reasons makes Himachal must visit place


We don’t promote this thing but we want to be unbiased about what is a reality and what’s not. If you are into such stuff then do it in a prescribed or safe limit as it can be a boon or it can become a curse depending upon the amount of consumption.

5. In search of true love

What makes Himachal so lucky is the fact that not only the nature over here is gifted with splendid amount of beauty but also the people who live here are beautiful inside out. It is easy to get fond of them and like them in just one look as they have the looks which are divine but their simplicity is the actual beauty.

There are multiple examples of people who fell for a Himachali unexpectedly and took vows for lifetime and dedicated themselves to their corresponding half and lived happily thereafter.

So these were the “These 5 reasons make Himachal a must visit place for once in a lifetime“. If you like this article then share it with your friends and family members. Also, tell us about any other reason to visit Himachal Pradesh that we might have missed. 😉

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