10 Instagram accounts that will give you a reason to visit Himachal time and again

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. It refers to the notion that a complex ideas and stories can be conveyed with just a single still image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. So here is the list of “10 Instagram accounts that will give you a reason to visit Himachal time and again“. They are listed in a random order and all of them are very unique and the only thing common between each one of them is their love for photography and mountains🗻. So, lets get to know them one by one:

1) Anunay Sood (@anunaysood)

He is from Delhi but Himachali by lineage, which is the reason for his never ending love for Himachal. Professionally, he is a marketing specialist but a photographer by passion. He loves taking landscape pictures of places less or unexplored and also loves meeting new people. His videos captured through his DJI-Phantom-3 Pro are awesome and you must check them out for sure. People quiet often ask him about his favorite place, his answer to that is quite simple; it is at the top of any mountain🗻.



2) Navaneeth Unnikrishnan(@navaneeth_unnikrishnan)

He belongs to Kerala and loves to shoot mostly landscapes and nightscapes. His work has been featured in Nat Geo, BBC Earth and Space.com. He is also a contributor for BBC Earth. Currently living in Bangalore, this astrophotographer has also been featured on Huffington Post, Indian Express, India Today and Deccan Chronicle newspaper. He uses a Canon 6D and Sony A7s for normal imaging and Canon 1100D full spectrum moded for Deep space imaging. His latest light painting pictures are awesome and is inspired from Eric Pare. If you wish to visit Spiti, do check out his pictures from Spiti and we bet that you will start craving to visit Spiti asap.





3)Akash Naresh(@photosandpeace)

He is a Traveler, Explorer, Adventurer, Storyteller and a fresh Mountaineer. He belongs to Delhi and it has been quite a while that he has been travelling in Himachal Pradesh. He had been to Spiti, Kaza, Tattapni, Kasol, Kinnaur, Sangla, Shimla, Parvati Valley and Triund. He also went to Kedarkantha Peak in Uttarakhand. Recently, he brought her sister on her first ever trek in Himalayas. Even though he captured a lot of marvellous pictures during his visit in Himachal but his favorite one so far is not of some mountain or a valley but is of a small little girl from Grahan village whom he found very cute. He uses a Canon and a Nikon camera to capture most of his pictures and even his Oneplus phone does comes out to be handy for some pictures.



4) Rashmeet kaur(@rashnull)

Her instagram account is called “@rashnull” which I believe is just a way to write “rational” which means sensible or logical. She is a very passionate person and loves to travel and click some great pictures. Her photographs have been featured on many popular accounts of Himachal and Uttarakhand. She has a full time job but still finds time to escape into the mountains and click some awesome pictures.




5) Shraddha Singh Bhati (@baagi_udaan)

She is an engineer who likes going to new places. The pictures in her profile are from her travels which are decorated with some awesome rhyming  captions and sometimes stories. She even has a blog which is worth checking out especially for solo travelers. Click Here is a link to her latest blog



6)  Abhijeet singh (@abhijeet_sing)

Apart from being a great photographer and mountaineering expert, Abhijeet is an engineer and a MBA graduate. He undertook several alpine style expeditions in the Indian Himalayas. His work has been published in several popular magazines like Outdoor Journal, Indian Quarterly and the Alpinist. He also had been featured by Redbull, Wildcraft, Woodland and Times Group. He has even made India’s first ascent of two frozen waterfalls in the heart of Spiti Valley. P.S. He is an Acro Yogi too. Don’t know what it is? Go check out his account and get ready to be blown away :p



7) Abhinav Chandel (@abhiandnow)

He is an awesome photographer, poet, writer, blogger, football fanatic and a singer :p
He is one of the most popular instagramer hailing from Uttarakhand. He is currently residing in Mcleodganj, a place known worldwide for being the location of exiled Tibetan govt. and as home for thousands of Tibetans. He is quite active on Twitter and Facebook and has a good following on both the platforms. His #alittlebitofnoor posts are one of the most interesting posts where he gives more meaning to the picture by sharing his thoughts and experiences. Only he can explain it in the best way but still you will relate to it on many levels. If you wish to travel with him then you can DM him on his insta account and presently he has collaborated with Spitiholidayadventure.com for a while and so you have a chance.



8) Nitish Waila (@nitishwaila)

He is a talented Adventure Photographer, mountaineer and UI/UX designer. He is settled in Noida but keeps travelling to mountains. His pictures shows the best of Himachal, Uttarakhand, Leh-Ladakh, Meghalaya and Sikkim, etc. He is currently showcasing a technique called “Cinemagraph“, which is a combination of both picture and video. To be frank, I haven’t seen anything like that before and it is mind-blowing. He is really setting up the bar for amateur and professional photographers and we hope that Nitish will keep on sharing such awesome and mesmerizing photos and videos.



9) Anshul Sharma (@himalayan_firefly)

Pure Pahadan at heart, Anshul likes to travel places which are blessed with beauty in terms of the landscape and the people living over there. She visited one of the most picturesque and serene places of Himachal to the World’s highest motorable road reaching Khardungla Top and she even visited far eastern states of our country. Not just her pictures will leave you amazed but the captions written by her are nowhere less than a beautiful poem or a deep story. Her pictures will help you in setting travel goals for Himachal Pradesh. Btw she is currently using Sony Alpha to shoot all these pictures below.



10) Neha Ralli(@himalayan_girl)

She is basically from Kullu but currently living in Dharmshala. She is working with HPCA, i.e. Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. She has more than 30k followers on Instagram and she uses a Nikon Camera and sometimes her Oneplus phone to capture those beautiful classy photos. She uses these hashtags quite often which are #yolo, #beresponsibletraveler and #mygreengallery. Also, she loves monsoons.😉




We hope that you really enjoyed knowing about these talented young photographers, travelers, mountaineers and yoga lovers. We might have missed some other such talented people but these are the ones whose pictures we often repost and their pictures receive maximum love from the audience. We hope they will continue their passion and love for photography and will help people to see more of Himachal Pradesh and other places too. We request our readers to follow each one of them on Instagram and appreciate their work as they help us set travel goals and even inspire us to be like them.

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