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PM Modi specifically made every Himachali proud by doing this in USA

  Yesterday PM Narendra Modi met U.S. President Donald Trump. He received a very warm greetings by the President and the first lady Melania Trump. In return, PM Modi gave a very auspicious gift to the first lady.The gifts that he offered were all from Himachal Pradesh except a shawl, which was from Kashmir. He […]

Andretta: an artist’s paradise located in Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh

Andretta is a beautiful village in Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous worldwide for its artists’ colony. The artists’ colony was established in the 1920s, when Irish theater artist and environmentalist, Norah Richards, shifted here from Lahore. She was unhappy in England after her husband died and she longed to return. So, when she […]

World Class facts about Himachal Pradesh that will make you proud

Himachal Pradesh is a small hilly state located in Northern part of India. Despite of being a small state, the state has enormous potential in the fields of tourism, hydroelectricity, sports, infrastructure and commerce. It has Rs5000 Crore tourism industry and it also fulfills the 26%+ of the total need for electricity in the country. […]

Meet Aishwarya Langade: an artist who creates magic with some colors and a paint brush

Paul Klee, a Swiss-German artist, once said, “The painter should not paint what he sees, but what will be seen“. I totally agree but the case is little different here as the painter or I must say an artist is not a “he” but is a “she“. She is a girl from Pune and her […]

Travelling tips before you pack your bags for Himachal Pradesh

Life is like a gift and it depends upon us how we live it. Like a dialogue from some Shah Rukh Khan‘s movie goes, “We only live once, we also die once and we only love once“. Well, I am not sure about the love thing but we certainly can travel more than once. It […]

Snow Leopard: the species which will go extinct soon if we didn’t do something today

COMMON NAME: Snow Leopard SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera uncia TYPE: Mammals Snow leopard or “Barfani Cheetah” or “Him Tendua” is one of the beautiful cats in the world and known for its beautiful fur and mysterious behavior worldwide. These cats are basically adapted to the cold, arid, barren landscape of the high altitude areas. Snow leopard is a […]

Shimla Ki Yaadein – latest track from The Pahari Project by Lalit Singh

Lalit Singh, naam to suna e hoga! 😀 Yeah! I am talking to the people of Himachal Pradesh. If you haven’t heard this name then you are missing out on something really awesome and authentic. This pahadi artist combined soulful  Himachali music with modern music elements that touches your soul. It is catchy and sticks in your […]

Things to learn and share on this World Environment Day

Happy “World Environment Day” to all the living beings on the planet which we call as Mother Earth. This day is celebrated as World Environment Day across the globe.   What is an Environment?   Environment – The world around us,the life of all the living organisms around us comprises environment. All living beings are […]

Anurag Vashisht: “Tum Na Rahi” fame is all set to launch a new album

‘Anurag Vashisht’, is a young talented artist from Choti Kashi i.e. Mandi town of Himachal Pradesh. Most of you know him from his hit track “Tum na rahi“, which has more than 116k views on Youtube till date ands 1ook+ mp3 download. After the success of his debut single, he started working on his debut […]

5 Places you must not miss on a trip to Kullu-Manali

This is Himalayas which literally the abode of snow. It is the last frontier king of all mountains. Here species have thrived and gone extinct, civilizations came and then destroyed, but mountains they have seen it all. The idea of travel should not just involve moving from one place to another. So let’s talk about […]